Planning approval – Bonehill Mill

Planning approval has been given for conversion of this beautiful old Mill, in Fazeley, Tamworth. It was subject to an arson attach 10 years ago and has been in steady decline ever since. The Mill will contain 14 apartments and include a side extension – intended to mirror the original Mill wheel (still in place and retained as a feature), x2 dwellings and x2 further apartments in adjacent cottages and Mill owners house. To the rear of site there is approval for 9 new build units (commercial) which are intended to have a combination of uses. It was a complex 12 months of sheer hard work to bring this scheme to life, but should provide the ideal regeneration for the area – as it deserves.

The Mill retains an extension which takes on the form of the old Mill wheel, in colour and texture. A brass base indicates the original footings of part of the building which was no longer of use – but its history is highlighted. The new build timber clad units are located to the rear of the Mill, just in view from the frontage.