Converting an Outbuilding

Converting an outbuilding seems straight forward, but that isn’t always the case; Insulate, structural solutions, bringing light in and ensuring the space is as efficient as possible? (Some other examples in the link).

This project was for family who needed additional living space for guest use, and that included a bed, a shower room, kitchenette as well as work space. We utilised the high roof void to create a mezzanine for the bed. With a glazed balustrade to stairs and floor – natural light was not compromised. Building control requied escape from first floor (via the roof light windows) was achieved. Fully insulated walls, roof and floor the space is now a habitable room for guests and family members. Sensitive matching of brickwork along with metal glazed units give the outbuilding a modern yet traditional quality. The site is situated in a conservation area so a level of sensitivity as well as detailed planning was necessary. The client was also great to work with – they took the scheme and worked it up throughout the build process into the vision we had created…but brought to it a level of quality that can only be achieved when you are focussed on the process, and they were.