Artist’s studio Barton

Artists studio new build
Artist studio new build canalised
Artists studio with x2 separate wings, parking to the central section and roof storage

This artist’s studio on Barton gained planning some time ago but has not yet been realised. However it is testament to what can be achieved with a redundant roof-less garage. The space will include x2 separate studios for the client, centrally located parking for car storage and a roof void for additional storage. The building comprises masonry constriction and utilises the listed brick wall as one of its elevations to the canalised. An envelope in the form of hit and miss timber panelling is applied to allow for a good natural light but also an element of privacy. A standing seam roof with hidden guttering would provide a worthy finish to a simple yet we think striking building. We would hope that this scheme can be realised at some point because home working and the necessity to create a comfortable environment is key to keeping sane in these times as well as joyous…if only with the realisation that the future will be better. Thankyou to Hexagon visuals for the fabulous renderings..