Timber framed house…


Busy week of site visits, looking at recently complete Constantine house at Thorpe Constantine (wedding accommodation) and an unrelated refurbishment underway by the sea…of a timber framed dwelling…and with water ingress…the site has been a hive of strip out and activity – and timber replacement. It’s true that you don’t know what you will find until you take back the fabric. Timber framed construction needs excellent waterproofing, and if it doesn’t have this basic treatment then the timber frame is in trouble. You have to find the incoming water, stop it, seal it and ensure it continues to be sealed. Not an easy task… the key is to do it right in the first place!

So the reason for sharing the two on this post? – Constantine house (Victorian 120 years old) and built of brick compared with a leaky timber framed property (5 years old). Good workmanship is the only solution.