New build Walton on Trent

New build in Walton

Just in for planning, a new build dwelling sited on a previously undeveloped site. Quite traditional in form but suited to the neighbouring properties and the history of the village. Eco and geotechnical surveys having been carried out, and with prior planner support in the form of a pre app we are looking forward to a positive outcome.

Update on development

We gained approval shortly after the post. The proposal took some turns throughout the planning determination period – but ultimately gained an approval. One of the biggest issues that can arise with new builds is the matter of access from the highway. Highways authority have strict criteria to meet in terms of safety -obviously. This can prove difficult to deal with especially if the site has land levels which don’t lend themselves to a simple joining up of access road to highway. The land here was partly landfill, and was probably formed at the time of the main thoroughfare construction. Progress will be reported as the works commence.